A caring family organized a birthday party for their beloved dog and his friends
Sweet celebration, which made the dog absolutely happy This dog lived with his family for the past 15 years. And in order to make the puppy happy the
A very beautiful dog, who has a unique appearance resembling a mixture with another animal
A sweet puppy with extraordinarily long neck and legs The dog has a long neck and legs and it gives him the appearance of a giraffe. It is
The tiny catty with a round face and constant yawning is an Internet sensation
His facial features cause misunderstanding among people Cats can have bodies in different shapes and sizes, which can be both amazing and cute. Due to their uniqueness, they
A stray cat, who turned the family’s dog into her own pet
A caring dog, who adores having as many cat friends as possible  Blink is a very friendly dog, who befriends with every cat she meets. Due to her
An adorable friendship, which started when the dog tried to take a bite of the duck’s supper
A sweet friendship, which arose between a dog and a duck Besides being man’s closest friends, dogs can demonstrate that they are everyone’s companions. There are a lot
A creative idea of a corporation, that wanted to boost its workers’ productivity
Animals can have a positive effect on the working environment  One of the corporations in Tokyo considered to take nine cats. The management of the company considers, that
When the owner took her dog home from the groomer, she found something strange about him
It’s a real mess! Tykesha Cherry frequently takes her dog to the groomer, where he gets a bath and a new haircut. But this time something amazing happened
A new member of the fire brigade. A sweet dog became a fireman
The most unforgettable experience of the dog’s life The puppy was discovered in a barn, that had been set on fire. And a local firefighter named Billy Linder
A sweet dog, that was found after being leftover on the bus
All the people should be responsible for the animals they adopt Many people don’t understand what it means to be responsible. And such people were the owner of
The dog saved the bird’s life by leading his owner to check it
Adorable rescue story performed by a smart dog Dogs have proved many times, that they can do heroic actions. All dogs, regardless of their breed have a real
A lucky puppy, who was fortunate to be saved from the ring
A touching story about a puppy, that was saved and given a new life The dog fighting is prohibited in many countries of the world, but there are