Hilarious Habits of The Catty: Adorable Feline Turns Construction Site into a Glove Treasure Trove!

He just wants to please his owners with his «prey»  🐱🙂

Tea is an adorable catty, who enjoys his life with his caring owners. The 5-year-old feline is a very friendly and loving pet, and his humans didn’t notice any strange behavior from him before. But one day he amazed them with his strange gesture. Early in the morning he brought some dirty gloves to his owners and it became a habit for him.

Since then he returns home with dirty gloves in his mouth and as a result now it’s collected 30 of them.

As it turned out later, the catty brings all these from the nearby construction, where a great number of people are working. They leave their dirty gloves there, without expecting that the little thief is curious about them.

The funniest thing is that the catty demands gratitude and attention from his owners after giving them the gift. He is sure that his humans like his presents and is looking at them with a proud facial expression.

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