Heartwarming Act Goes Viral on the Internet: Heroic Bus Driver Rescues Homeless Dogs During Violent Storm

The homeless dogs were laying in the bus and warming after being completely wet 🥹🤗

A violent storm occurred in Buenos Aires and the two homeless dogs were left just in the middle of a storm. Then a kind bus driver saw them and stopped his vehicle to put them on board. They dried off and the situation got better.

The kind bus driver couldn’t leave them in the middle of the storm and they were shivering while the bus was traveling along its regular route.

The travelers liked the kind act of the bus driver so much, that they considered to capture it and share on the Internet.

The witness named Stella Maris San Martin told, that the driver was so cool, that he didn’t let the two dogs off since they were frightened of the storm.

And the dogs were captured while they were laying at the driver’s feet. Here’s their image.

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