The moving story. Penguins can also become man’s best friends

The man bathed the surviving penguin with olive oil and butter  🥹🤗

A British professor named Tom Michell saw an unusual penguin, that had survived an oil leak in Uruguay. He took the animal and started cleaning him. At first, he planned to release him back into the water, but the bird started to follow him. From that very moment their sweet relationship started. Tom Michell was affected by his mother’s unique enthusiasm to care for animals when he was a little boy. She also had three crocodiles, that must be given to the workers of the zoo.

The man considered to went to Argentina to learn at a boarding school and there he visited a peninsular city next to Uruguay during the winter holidays.

And on his last day of vacation he considered walking to the nearest beach. And when he was there he noticed two penguins, that were pursuing a large number of sprat fish. He also noticed, that there weren’t any other penguins around.

And the most heartbreaking moment was when the man went down to the beach and saw many penguins laying on the sand. They passed away because of the ship oil.

And the man was happy seeing a moving thing, which later turned out to be a surviving penguin.

The man considered helping him and wrapped him in a net. He took the poor penguin to his house and washed him with shampoo, soap and olive oil in order to remove the oil from his body.

While washing the penguin managed to grab one of Michell’s fingers with his beak and it started bleeding and became a bug wound. The man waited for the blood to stop and secured its beak for further injuries.

After the bath the penguin appeared to be relaxed and comfortable. The man considered returning the penguin to the sea at night as he remembered he needed to go to Buenos Aires the next day.

Because of the bath the penguin lost his natural waterproofing and the man had to cover him in butter and olive oil and then take him to the beach. When they arrived to the beach the man saw, that the other penguins’ bodies were already gathered.

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