Resilient Dog Overcomes Heartbreak: Finds Loving Forever Home After Being Abandoned Seven Times

At least the puppy received a permanent home with caring owners  🐶🥹

A dog named Billy is a very playful and happy dog, although he was leftover by his previous owners for seven times. When his humans consider they couldn’t look after him they took him to the shelter. And after 72 hours they return to take him back.

The abandonment of Billy has a negative effect on him. The last two or three times when he was abandoned at the shelter he was very nervous and upset.

The same family left the dog at the shelter for seven times.

After 72 hours staying in the shelter Billy was taken to the vet and prepared for adoption. He will be adopted by a caring family, who will never think of abandoning him in the shelter.

The dog will live happily with other dogs and also kids, who were older than five. He is ready to start a new life.

Billy’s story became popular on the Internet and now he is adopted by a loving family, whose child is so attached to him.

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