Resilience and Hope: Abandoned Pit Bull Finds Redemption and Love After Self-Rescue

Just a little love and care: that’s what he desired! 🐶🥲

We know that dogs need us and few of them can have a good life on the street. They can be very grateful to us even for a little help, but not always we notice and support them.

Nowadays the number of stray dogs is really huge, because people abandon them without thinking about the consequences. Shelters are full, so many of them have to wander the streets in search of food and water.

This adorable pit bull is among those who are abandoned by their owners for no reason. And it seemed that he lost his faith in people and did not want to communicate with anyone, but on the contrary: he saved himself on his own, when approached a good person hoping she would notice him. Fortunately, he succeeded!

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