A new chance of an abandoned dog. His life unbelievably transformed 

The previous owner of the dog abandoned him 🐶😢

A dog was found tied up inside a trash bag In Romania and was in an awful state. They had abandoned him in the trash, expecting the worms would consume him. But happily the fate had other plans for him and he was given a second chance.

His leg was fractured and the worms had started eating him alive, but them he was discovered by kind people and they freed him. The poor animal had a serious head injury from the beatings, was dehydrated and famished.

The animal was taken to the animal shelter, where he was given immediate medical attention. The puppy was named Anora, which means light and later it became clear, that she was a female.

Anora has a new owner named Helen Taylor and she told, that the previous owner abused the poor dog severely planning to get rid of him.

Doctors removed the worms and treated her head’s swelling.

Anora was transported to the UK after being completely treated and there Helen Taylor and her devoted family adopted her.

She was in an awful state and unable to walk, but now she has a loving home and will soon be able to run with the other dogs.

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