Dedication Beyond Measure: Woman Transforms Her Home into a Haven for Hundreds of Rescued Dogs and Animals

The woman changed her house in a dog rescue sanctuary 🐶❤️👩

A woman named Ms. Jung has a big heart and rescues homeless dogs in South Korea and also other animals, that are used in dog meat markets. Ms. Jung has dedicated almost all her life to saving such helpless animals.

This kind woman has opened a dog rescue facility in South Korea.

She turned her house into a shelter for dogs and almost 150 and 200 dogs are living there. The house is two stored and the dogs are allowed to sleep everywhere they want.

She is not as young as before and has many health problems, but this doesn’t interfere her from doing her kind work. Her doors are always open for every dog.

There are still many dogs in South Korea, who needed to be saved. And the top difficulty for the woman is finding homes for the homeless dogs.

Often homeless dogs, that aren’t under the care of an animal sanctuary in South Korea are taken by dog meat markets.

She told, that the situation in South Korea is really bad, as there were many such markets, that use dogs and in the end they appear on someone’s table.

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