A Unique Bond United by Sign Language! Heartwarming Tale of Deaf Dog and His Deaf Owner

All he wants in this world is to be someone’s friend  🐶🥹

Emerson was saved by some rescuers and was taken to the shelter with many health problems. The life of the poor puppy was in danger, because he couldn’t survive on the street all alone with such health problems. There was another big problem: he is deaf and partially blind.

The staff didn’t know his deafness is since his birth or it’s a result of the seizures, but one thing was clear: he needed quick help and care.

His life changed when Nick, a deaf guy, saw his picture on social media and fell in love with him. Under the post it was written that this puppy only needed a companion, he wanted to love and be loved: that’s all!

Nick hurried to the shelter to adopt the doggy, because he was sure that Emerson needed just him. Although they couldn’t communicate by sound, they understood each other just from the beginning.

Then Nick taught him sign language and it became the best way of their communication.

Now Emerson understands what his owner commands. Their bond is really strong!

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