Heartwarming Tale of Rescue: Pit Bull Finds Love and Healing Through Volunteers!

Later he also saved another dog and a chicken  🐶🥹

A pit bull named Hank was in an awful condition and happily was rescued. The previous owner of the poor pit bull had beaten him and left to bleed. And happily a witness shared the puppy’s photos on the Internet and asked for help.

And also the man, who saw the puppy tagged an animal rescue volunteer named Fern White in the photos.

The response of the volunteer and the co founder of the rescue group was immediate. They had previously assisted many dogs in need.

When the woman saw the puppy’s photos she immediately told the man, that they must immediately save the puppy.

The animal control authorities took the dog to the shelter in Los Angeles where he was treated to forget the abuse he had gone through. The puppy seemed not to be used to the love and affection. And the police started to search for the dog’s previous owner.

The dog immediately changed his behavior when he is treated with love and care and after receiving all his medical procedures he again becomes upset and distant.

And the shelter called Marc Ching to come and pick the dog up, as he felt all alone in the shelter.

The man, who took the out bull also had a chicken and then saved a Chihuahua, that was being abused on the street by a guy.

Ching approached them and told the guy to give the dog to him.

At first, he wasn’t happy for the idea, but later he agreed in order to avoid being punished for animal cruelty.

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