A cat was leftover by the neighbour when he moved, but then unexpected things happened

Cats, that had a fortunate fate

Some people can just left their pets on the street. And of course it’s hard to understand how people can be so harsh to animals and also to each other.

But there are still people, that are kind and generous, like a man in this story.

Justin told, that his neighbour moved and left his poor cat on the street in the cold. Justin found him in the cat house, that he had built, where the cat tried to warm up.

The young man is a worker of an animal shelter and adores pets very much, he himself has 6 cats. He found the poor cat wandering all night searching for his owner.

Sometimes people take kitten because they’re sweet, but when they grew up they become uninteresting.

Seeing the cat’s situation Justin built a shelter for him from two big plastic storage containers with lids. He placed them one with the other, keeping heat insulation between them and also a bed on the bottom of the cat to sleep on.

Justin started to feed the kitten when the neighbour moved, hoping he would live in the house, that he had built for him. The young man already had six kittens and he couldn’t take him to them. And there were many applications for the adoption when he shared the story on the Internet. The cat finally found a sweet home.

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