Model’s Sacrifice: A Man Gives Up Glamorous Life to Build Shelter for 500 Abandoned Dogs

The man quit his job and is happier than ever 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A man named Gökçer Korkmaz is a big animal lover and he considered giving up the attractive life he had built for approximately 500 leftover dogs. He wanted to help them in any way. Gökçer is a well-known model and a student, but most importantly he has a big kind heart.

The guy was on a family vacation in Babaeski and he saw a lot of dogs leftover in the trash and he considered helping them.

The guy sold all the things, that he once adored to live with the abandoned animals. He sold his electric guitar, his motorcycle and so on.

His family considered it would last a short time, but after ten years the man still lives with the animals and had founded a shelter from recycled materials to protect the environment.

Many people were amazed by the guy’s kindness and big heart and even considered donating to the shelter. The animals are all fed, vaccinated and treated and they are happy they have a place to live.

People’s donations helped the man to keep the shelter and all animals needs in good shape. People usually do everything to make possessions and live happily, but this guy sold all his possessions to help animals in need and is happier than others.

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