«A difficult pregnancy.» The sweet dog had many health issues, yet she delivered her puppies

Sweet puppies were adopted by a loving family and received their desired life 🥲🥹

Usually people consider animals as their family members, but today’s story’s hero Mara had another life. Her owners considered abandoning her, although she had spent a lot of time with them. The sweet pregnant dog was paralysed and needed a cesarean section, that costed 3000$ and her owners considered to left her in order not to pay such a lot of money.

And the worst thing is that she was forced to become pregnant with the help of her owners, who crossed her with another family dog. But happily Mara and her puppies managed to survive thanks to an animal protection group in Texas.

Because of her hard life Mara developed an anemia and had serious mental distress. So the rescue group considered giving her a lot of love to compensate her hardships.

The dog delivered seven sweet puppies and all of them were absolutely healthy. And after their delivery Mara started her therapy.

Happily Mara and her puppies were adopted by a loving family and received the life they clearly deserved.

A sweet pregnant dog was abandoned and paralyzed.

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