When Animals Play: Captivating Encounters on the Kids‘ Climbing Frame

Animals are respectful of each other while using the kids climbing frame 😀🥹

Robert wanted to create a safe place outside for his kids to play. So he decided to construct a wooden climbing frame in their backyard.

Robert noticed, that his kids weren’t the only one who liked the frame. Wild animals also liked the climbing frame, which was a new thing for them and they came there to explore it.

At first, he noticed a family of stoats on the frame. He saw that the family explored the frame and had a great time there.

So Robert considered setting up a video camera in the garden to see any other animals, who visit the garden when the kids are missing. And he saw, that animals come to the frame more often than his kids.

The visitors of the frame are badgers, owls, hares, foxes, hedgehogs, deer and many other wildlife animals. Animals usually visit the climbing frame at night.

Robert considered putting some food on one side of the frame and watching the animals reaction. The family of badgers climbed up the side of the frame and it was a great thing to see.

Even an unusual things happened there when a barn owl and a stoat share the climbing frame although they are rivals. So Robert understood, that the frame is a popular and interesting place for animals and they are respectful of one another.

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