The most memorable experience ever. The black kitty adores rinding on a skateboard

The affectionate and loving kitty, who became the man’s best friend 🐈❤️👨‍🦰

Justin nipped out the back of his shop to go to the dumpster he couldn’t imagine such a memorable experience would happen to him. But suddenly he found a little black kitten underneath a parked bus.

The tiny kitten started to meow and Justin went to him and wanted to know if he was alright. The cat was healthy, but all alone. Justin sat next to him and tried to gain his attention.

It didn’t take long when the kitty jumped up into his lap. So the adorable connection between them began.

Justin works in a woodwork shop and there was always a lot of noise and a lot of movement. But this wasn’t dull for his new friend. When they are together the kitty is always next to Justin even in his workplace and even participates in some of his projects.

The video demonstrates just how much his kitty adores riding on a skateboard. He sits on the board and is happy to glide around the shop. And after finishing he jumps onto Justin’s shoulder and gives him a lot of kisses.

The cat named Grizzly is the forever feature in Justin’s workshop and he is always ready to help Justin relax when he is stressed out and also he eagerly greets the customers when they enter the shop.

Justin also told, that he had never experienced such a strong friendship with a cat and he is thankful to Grizzly, that he met him.

Most animal lovers would agree and understand Justin’s words, as we are grateful for our pets for their love and affection.

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