Hilarious Store Intrusion: California Bear’s Unforgettable Chip-Grabbing Adventure Goes Viral

What a polite creature! 😲🧐

Bears are amazing creatures and they can do things which people never expect.

Once something funny happened in a store in California, when a bear was captured having a short trip to the store and leaving it with a bag of chips.

This amazing video was captured by Adina Baidu, who recorded it at about 9 o’clock. It seems the bear didn’t care who could see him, he did what he wanted.

Although the woman was a bit scared, he managed to capture the scene from a distance, trying to be safe and away from the bear’s attention.

When the video was shared on social media, it went viral and collected thousands of views from all over the world.

After finishing her shooting, Adina returned to her car and continued her way.

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