Heart of a Rescuer: Henry’s Journey to Save and Advocate for Dogs in Need

A talented man with an excellent ability of fundraising  🥰🥹

Henry found in Mexico a mother dog, who had just delivered a litter of puppies and was in an awful state. She was chained to a tree and absolutely emaciated.

Happily, Henry managed to help the mother dog and her puppies and helped them recover.

This rescue and also the previous ones helped Henry to understand, that rescuing dogs is an important mission of his life.

Henry has traveled a lot, but one day he considered starting a more important job.

The first puppy he had rescued was named Finn, whom he found in a bush in Puerto Rico. Finn helped him make sure of his new mission and now he tried to help any animal in need.

He travels in his van and tries to raise awareness of the awesome work, that animal rescue charities do throughout America. Everywhere he and Finn travel to he tries to find ways to collaborate with local shelters.

During his last trip to Mexico Henry worked with a rescuer named Barn, who had shown him a place, where people usually abandon their dogs. And there they immediately discovered a litter of puppies living next to the tires and they took them to a better place.

But Henry isn’t only giving his time.

Henry is an excellent fundraiser, who helps raise money for the local rescue centers. In 2020 he raised almost 150000$ to donate to local rescuers and their centers.

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