From Shelter to Loving Home: Heartwarming Story of Bowie the Doggy’s Journey to Finding a Forever Family

It is the best feeling of receiving a loving owner and a cozy home for the doggy 🐕🤗

A sweet doggy named Bowie was taken from the shelter in 2014 and unfortunately soon after that his family returned him back to the shelter. But after his return he stayed in the shelter for a long time as no one wanted to adopt him.

The adorable doggy was becoming older day by day and when it was already 1250 days he wasn’t still adopted. Bowie is an adorable canine, who is also well-trained. As the adoption payment had already been bought the rescue considered giving the adopter of Bowie 4 free personal coaching classes and an educated photoshoot.

And also they shared Bowie’s story on the Internet, hoping he will attract someone’s attention. And after that they received almost 40 purposes to adopt Bowie.

They chose a girl, whom they considered to be the best candidate for the puppy’s adoption and she adopted Bowie.

Bowie was absolutely overjoyed finally being adopted.

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