From Shelter to Forever Home: Lee’s Unbreakable Bond with Pittie Sammy Touches Hearts

The foster owner adored the puppy so much, that he considered taking him 🤗🥰

One day Lee went to the local shelter and his eyes immediately met Sammy’s, a sweet little pittie, who was absolutely happy to get out of his cage.

Sammy had a hard life, as his previous owners abused him. When the shelter at first took him he needed a surgery and when Lee came he was still recovering.

Lee didn’t know, that the puppy was going to be euthanized. Lee immediately considered taking Sammy and quickly started to love his new puppy.

They went to the near doggy bakery and he bought him his own toys and treats, which was a new thing for him.

Amazingly Lee already had nine dogs, but he wanted to add Sammy to his pack. Lee soon understood, that Sammy would perfectly get used to his new surroundings and the company of his canine friends.

On the second day Lee also took him to the beach. There’s a video showing Sammy splashing around and playing in the waves with Lee’s other dogs.

After almost a week Lee understood, that their connection with Sammy was absolutely special. It was so special, that Lee couldn’t part with him. He considered not finding a home for the puppy and just leaving him with his family.

And now Lee has a pack of six puppies living in his house. This is a sweet story and we are absolutely delighted, that foster homes after all become forever homes.

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