From Neglect to Love: The Journey of Caesar and Saskia with the Help of Volunteers

The volunteers were able to save many animals’ lives 🤗🥹

The two puppies named Caesar and Saskia lived in different homes and later they met. They lived in the town called Cape Town and the life of that city was very hard and challenging for both people and animals.

The town is so poor, that some residents live in homes built of scrap metal, old tires and bits of wood.

They didn’t have even the simplest conditions, there’s just one sink and toilet for every eight families.

It is not only one of the poorest towns, but also there is a lot of violence there. And especially the area called Blikkiesdorp is known to have a lot of gang violence.

Three women considered doing everything possible to help animals, who suffer a lot in the area. And they created an organization called Tin Can Town to assist both people and animals.

Many volunteers came to help them. Rosie, Dinielle and Clarina spent many days in the town sterilizing and castrating animals and giving them food to survive. They also provided them veterinary services. They are always ready to help any animal in need regardless of the time.

They discovered a puppy named Caesar, who was living in a cabin with a couple. And after meeting Caesar Rosie stopped to say hello. Rosie also told, that the puppy was ready to run if he heard the car.

The puppy’s owners divorced and he remained with the woman and Rosie considered, that she couldn’t properly care for the puppy. And additionally children began throwing stones at him and his condition became worse.

When the volunteers discovered him he was covered with many wounds, but the condition of his nose was terrible. His nose was in an awful state, as the bleeding from the wound continued for many days and the vets did everything to stop it.

Caesar was already ten years old and Rosie considered taking him as she was afraid he wouldn’t survive living another year in the town. And she took the puppy and tried to find foster care for him.

At the same time Clarina found another puppy called Saskia, who was also in an awful state. Saskia had gastroenteritis and was underweight, so the woman took her to the vet.

Clarina wanted to return the puppy to her owners after the full treatment and they gave him their address. When she arrived it turned out they gave her the wrong address and that they didn’t want the puppy to be back.

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