A Tale of Kindness and Connection: How Poppy the Pit Bull Found His Forever Home

He was the destiny of these people  🥹🤗

When Lakisha Smith came back home from work, a friendly pit bull welcomed her in their backyard. It’s strange for her, but she decided to feed him, because it’s clear he needed help. After getting food and a safe place to stay, the sweet animal looked at the woman with grateful eyes.

The family decided to keep him for some time until they would find his owners. They named him Poppy.

The next day the family began to search for his family, thinking that he was lost, but after failing, they made a final decision to take him home as a new member.

Each day they were becoming connected to the doggy more and more and finally they understood that Poppy is their inseparable part, without whom they can’t imagine their life.

But one day a man called them and said that it was his dog, who had been missing for a long time. Although it’s hard for the family to be divided from their lovely Poppy, they had to, because his owner had appeared.

But something surprising took place, when the dog escaped and entered under a table when he saw the man. It’s clear that he was afraid of him. It means that he hadn’t behaved his pet well.

So Poppy stayed with his loving family and continued to enjoy his happy life with them.

Thanks to these people’s kindness, this adorable pit bull is now loved and appreciated.

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