The three kittens, that were adopted by a generous woman and had the best night of their life

The newborn kittens, that were fortunate to be discovered 

There wasn’t a reason for these three lovely kittens abandonment. They were lucky enough to be found by a generous woman named Donna.

Donna is an animal rescuer, who assists kitties in the community locate forever homes. She considered she couldn’t left them and took care of them.

The little kittens were very tiny and needed the usual attention. Donna immediately welcomed them happily and made them feel comfortable. The poor kittens had the greatest night in their life, using the toilet tray and eating everything they want.

Donna is happy to watch them grow and also she has a long plan to make them stronger. They were named Woody, Bryson and Kenzie.

Newborn kittens enjoy purring and exploring everything.

When they are ready they will join the adoption program. It helps them in finding their perfect homes.

Woody soon found her perfect home with a kitty, a puppy and two sweet human sisters. Bryson and Kenzie were taken together. They will always live together.

They had a long way and now enjoy their lives with their new families. Donna adores looking after the kittens and she is joyful to welcome any leftover kitten.

Such a sweet ending. Now they are loved and cared for.

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