A whole new level of cuteness. The sweet cat with absolutely gorgeous eyes

The sweet cat, who wasn’t seen at night because of his black fur

You probably haven’t seen such a beauty in a kitty.
The kitty named Gimo has become popular on the Internet these days with his amazing round eyes and his fluffy black fur.

Gimo is such a sweet kitty, that other kitties can go to rest. He can simply teach other kitties to be sweet, but all of that he should do during the day, because he wouldn’t be seem at night due to his black fur.

And also he has a completely adorable and big eyes. His owners couldn’t say no to the cat when he looks at them with his adorable eyes. And I think no one could say no to such a cute cat.

If you haven’t ever seen this cutie, then scroll down to see more photos of him.

What an adorable kitten. Just amazing!

Cleary love!

What a sweet little baby!

His eyes are perfectly beautiful.

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