The stray catty knows how to comfort the tired nurse after a long busy day  

He has found his true supporter!

Flaty wants to become a nurse and he is having a practice in Egypt. Because his lessons are difficult and he studies a lot, he needs to have a rest at the end of the day.

He has found the best way to feel calmer and better. It’s a little stray cat, who helps the guy get rid of stress.

When Flaty is relaxing with his friends after the lessons, the sweet animals come and jump on his knees. After having a short nap there, it continues its way.

During it, the guy is feeling relaxed and forgets about everything for a while. The cute feline is a real supporter and he never imagines what he means for his human friend.

Even when Flaty finishes his lessons and returns to his hometown, the catty will remain in his mind till the end of his life.

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