The dog got confused and started barking loudly: the reason excited the owner  

After her action, she became a true heroine

Meet Leia, a kind and caring dog, who became a savior for a little creature.

When she spotted a dolphin on the shore, she knew what to do in order to save its life.

The doggie was walking with her owner named Rich Wilcock, when she noticed the dolphin and began to bark loudly.

Her human followed her to see what was wrong and discovered a very touching scene.

At first, he thought that it was a shark, but after coming closer to the mammal, he discovered that it was a dolphin.

The man hurried to save it and he remained on the shore for a while to get sure that everything was ok with it.

Luckily, the mammal’s life was saved thanks to Leia.

The owner gave her treats for her heroic action. She really deserved it.

Watch the rescue below:

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