A wild fox turned out to be the music fan and adored listening to the musician’s mini-concerts 

An interesting hobby of a wild fox. She enjoyed listening to music

Every musician wants to have devoted fans, who would like to listen to his music.

And a musician from Texas named Andrew, who was traveling in the mountains with his friend couldn’t imagine, that anybody would consider his banjo playing sweet.

But all of a sudden a sweet red-haired wold fox came to listen to the man’s music. A wild fox came from the woods to enjoy the sounds of a banjo and the musician’s mini-concert.

And Andrew considered his guest would leave after it, but instead she stayed. The fox came back to its place to continue listening to the music. The musician’s fan went that day, but returned the next day to visit Andrew.

And from that moment we believed, that a fox enjoyed our music as she came up to us when we were in the mountains. And the same fox returned to the man the next day when he was playing the banjo in the yard. She just sat and listened to the music.

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