A funny pool party for the frightened dog, who entered into the sea

The power of friendship can make miracles

The story is about two puppy best friends named Jill and Kelly, who once went to the sea with their owners. At first Jill didn’t like the water and was frightened of it, but later Kelly helped him overcome his fear.

Jill just walked along the shore, while others were swimming and Kelly considered to assist him in overcoming his fear. The caring dog persuaded his friend, that the water was perfect. And after understanding Kelly was swimming happily Jill understood that the water wasn’t at all frightening.

Their owner named Elina Miller was overjoyed seeing her two puppies helping one another swim. Soon the frightened dog began to like swimming and enjoyed the process thanks to his best friend.

The frightened dog now became self confident and sea loving and willingly jumps into the water knowing his best friend is next to him. It became a real poor party for dogs.

Their owner told, that she becomes overjoyed seeing their close relationships.

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