A dog entered the couple’s house and curled up between them 

An amusing situation happened with a couple one morning

A woman named Juliana woke up one day and saw, that an odd dog was curled up between her and her husband.

The couple had three dogs and as the woman wasn’t completely awake she didn’t know if it was one of her dogs. But after a while, she understood she was seeing the dog for the first time.

The red-haired animal was laying on the pillow and looking at the woman, as if nothing had occurred. The woman was completely perplexed. They searched for the puppy’s owner for almost an hour.

The couple learned, that the animal lived far away from them. The owners of the puppy immediately called the couple and told, that it wasn’t the first time the puppy was doing the same.

Happily, they considered everything to be humorous. The puppy’s owners asked him to leave the bed and then thanked the couple for their endurance. But it was hard to stay calm in such a situation.

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