When the owner took her dog home from the groomer, she found something strange about him

It’s a real mess!

Tykesha Cherry frequently takes her dog to the groomer, where he gets a bath and a new haircut. But this time something amazing happened with her which she’ll never forget.

When the procedure was finished, the woman took her pet home, but after a few hours she returned. She found something odd in the dog.

Lucky, the dog, looked so different. At first the woman thought that the groomer cut his hair too short that his appearance changed. However, she had a strange feeling.

When the owner called the dog, he didn’t show any reaction and looked very confused. He didn’t react to anything, even to his name and it was so strange for the woman.

Tykesha realised that he was not her dog and decided to return to the groomer to find out what happened. When they reached to the groomer, there was another woman who welcomed the dog with happiness.

It turned out that the groomer confused the puppies and as a result such a mess took place.

Fortunately, the dogs found their real owners. The groomer apologised for her fault promising to be more careful in such matters.

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