When a kind woman decided to run the shelter, the number of euthanasias immediately decreased

After the woman’s arrival, many animals were saved!

There are several shelters, where animals who don’t find forever homes, are put to death. A shelter in Texas belonged to this group, because many animals were euthanised there and their number was really huge.

The number would surely be increased, if a kind woman didn’t appear there. She quit her career and devoted her life to the animals’ protection.

She decided to run the shelter without expecting that she would come across many problems.

At that time the shelter didn’t have electricity and running water. Its conditions were awful. So keeping these poor creatures in such terrible conditions would be challenging for them.

There was no money to improve the shelter and at the same time, the number of euthanasias was increasing.

The woman was shocked. She couldn’t understand what to do, so she decided to ask her relatives, friends and neighbours for support. After some time, she was already able to improve the shelter’s conditions, providing its animals with everything they needed.

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