The touching reunion of a dog and her mother, who never lost faith

An adorable meeting after almost four years

This dog was rescued and adopted by a woman, who considered that she would never experience suffering ever again. The family lost the pet when they were moving from one state to another.

The dog’s worried owners searched for her for about four years before locating her. When a couple saw a lonely dog in a bad state they considered to take her to the vet.

The poor dog had an arthritis, an ear infection and a skin infection after living four years on the streets. The workers of the centre shared the dog’s photo in order to find her owners and the woman immediately saw it.

The woman told, that she wasn’t able to handle the idea, that her beloved pet was waiting alone for her. Their reunion turned out to be very touching.

Everyone was touched after seeing the woman and the dog reunite after a lengthy separation. She told, that she never lost faith, that her dog would be found. She searched for her beloved dog for almost four years contacting rescue groups and sharing about the animal on the Internet.

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