The teacher had a great idea to assign her students to help shelter animals find homes quickly

What a wonderful idea from the kind teacher!

Kensey Jones, a kind and caring teacher and also a big animal lover, had a great idea to help shelter animals find forever homes quickly. She involved her students in this assignment and they together managed to complete the task.

At first the students got acquainted with the shelter animals and learnt how they lived there. Then they wrote essays about them, describing both their character and appearance.

Then they picked the pictures on their kennels, thinking that they would capture people’s attention at once.

Students did it with great pleasure, being sure that it would help these adorable animals find their future owners easily.

Due to their great efforts, a cat and all 23 dogs managed to find forever homes very quickly.

The teacher is satisfied with the result and she hopes that such things will take place frequently, and others will follow suit and contribute to animal welfare.

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