The store manager donated their canine customer a box of his favorite toys, because they were out of stock

What a kind gesture from the store manager!

When Melly first saw that toy in a store while he went shopping with his owner, he fell in love with it at once. He made his human buy it for him showing that he liked it a lot.

It was a strawberry toy and the dog spent all day and night with it. The owner kept buying it each time until she found out that there were no more toys available.

She tried to find something else like it, but the dog was not interested in anything else except his beloved.

Because the owner was so kind and caring towards her pet, she began to search such a strawberry toy on social media. Even she contacted the shop manager and asked him for help.

The kindhearted manager promised to help her despite the fact that it was out of stock. Finally he managed to find it and sent a box of strawberry toys to the dog. Melly was happy and satisfied!

As for his owner, she was very grateful to the man for such a big support.

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