The little feline thinks he is giant as his canine brothers and behaves like them

Small in body but big in courage!

Everything started when Jill Whitlow brought a small kitten home. But the man worried about the cat’s relationship with his three dogs and thought that they would never get along well.

Surprisingly, Lincoln befriended with the giant dogs at once and became their best friend. The canines welcomed their little friend with happiness and began to take care of him perfectly.

After spending much time with the dogs, Lincoln started to behave himself like them, thinking that he is as giant as they are.

Although the catty weighs only three pounds, he protects his brothers from any danger and isn’t afraid of anyone. He is very brave and confident in his abilities and is sure that no one can harm him.

When they walk on the street, many people stop and look at them with great surprise. They enjoy doing everything together and entertain everyone around them.

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