An adorable kitty, who preferred a rabbit rather than her own adoptive siblings

Two best friends, who even shared one bed

Nila and Hisoka became popular. The saved rabbit and a sweet kitty spend almost the whole day together. Hisoka had feline siblings, but she wanted to cuddle with her new rabbit friend.

Their owner told, that they considered having siblings will make Hisoka happy and they would spend a lot of time together. But she preferred Nila and became best friends with a bunny instead of her own adoptive siblings.

They spent most of their time hugging when they weren’t watching TV with their owner. Their owner told, that Nila only wanted to play with herself, her husband and Hisoka. She also added, that they just lived in Nila’s universe.

Unfortunately Nila passed away at the beginning of July. Hisoka still sleeps in their bed, maintaining the memories they had.

He appeared to understand how kind she always was. The owner told, that they made their life much more interesting. Their hearts were filled with happiness when they saw their sweet relationships.

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