A loyal dog, who sits and waits for her owner’s return every day

The example of generosity, which should be followed 

Nadia has always has a special connection with our canine friends. She is always attentive to homeless cats and dogs or other animals. And one day she discovered a dog when she was rewiring the car.

She couldn’t leave as she wanted to help the dog. Only a few people would act as kindly as this woman did. She took the puppy home and named her Daya and in her eyes the puppy was very attractive. Daya is a very kind and loyal pet.

She sits on the ledge every day and waits for her mother to return from work and she never touches food and drink. She worries about being leftover again.

Daya adores Nadia, who has given her a cozy place to live and a lot of love. And this kind woman’s generosity must serve as an example for other people. Happily the dog found the perfect owners.

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