A cat, who behaved like a model on the runway and has some adorable photos

Very photogenic cat, who has many attractive images

A dark-striped cat named Nyankiichi lives in Japan. This adorable kitty appears to be very photogenic and was born for Instagram photos. He doesn’t appear to have one unfavourable image.

Any of his photos, where he moves, sits or turns his head seems to be purposefully made and photoshop edited. Although it’s not. Only from the time he was a kitten he has been behaving like a model on the runway.

And his owner adores traveling throughout his country instead of sitting at home. And also he takes his cat with him and captures adorable photos of his against the backdrop of neighbouring landmarks. And in this photo, a volcano serves as a backdrop.

He had many gorgeous images, such as the one he was perched on a tree or featuring verdant mountains or blossoming fields.

Even his photo in the sea appears to be very interesting. He has almost 66 thousand followers on Instagram and 124 thousand followers on Facebook.

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