A caring man considered to open a shelter receiving donations from all around the world

Kind people assisted a man open the sanctuary for homeless puppies 

Animals like people only due to their inner traits, not on their social status. They just need our affection and attention. But not all people like to treat our canine friends with love and affection and they are often leftover in the street.

But today’s story is about a man, who can clearly be called a hero. An Italian man named Sam Pesic considered to construct an enormous sanctuary for homeless dogs.

When he opened the shelter 14 years ago he couldn’t imagine how crowded it would be.

And also now 760 dogs live in the sanctuary. He once met two puppies returning from work which affected his choice. The man couldn’t stop thinking about them and he considered a plan how to help them.

He started from asking help from other people in constructing a shelter, where the animals would always be kept and fed. Sam received many donations from different parts of the world and just thanks to them he was able to open a shelter.

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