When the driver left her car and returned after a few minutes, she found a strange guest there

What an unexpected visitor!

What will you do if you find a stray cat in your car, who needs your help? Will you throw it away or save it?

Lauren, a kind woman, who works as a delivery driver, was doing her job when she discovered a stray catty in her car after leaving it for a while.

The poor animal just wanted to find warmth and comfort there, so throwing her away would be the worst thing the woman could do.

She decided to take the catty home and the next morning take her to a vet. This doesn’t mean that the woman wanted to adopt the catty without even being interested in her past.

She tried to find her owners or just to know something about them, but useless. Nothing was discovered about the cat’s life.

So the animal became Lauren’s beloved pet and got the name Athena.

The owner tried her best to provide her with everything she needed. She hurried to buy all the necessary items for her cute pet.

Athena became the happiest cat in the world and got much love and care from her human.

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