This friendly canine is provided with everything he needs at the shelter, but he has a big dream

What an exciting dream!

Pinto is a cute and affectionate dog, who was found and rescued by some people and was taken to a shelter. It has already passed five years since he was brought here, but the cutie hasn’t found a forever home yet.

He loves to spend most of his time in his kennel. When he goes out, hurries to return as soon as possible.

His future owners will be so lucky to have such a loving pet, because he is very loyal and loving.

Pinto knows many tricks and has learnt how to behave himself among people. Having a walk with him is a real pleasure for the volunteers, because they never get bored next to him.

The canine is looking for a family, who will do many crazy things and adventures with him. He will be a wonderful pet and will bring much happiness to his future family.

If you want to have such a cute pet, he is waiting for you impatiently. Pinto lives in the Town of Hempstead shelter and the whole staff adores him.

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