The thankful crows, who brought presents to a man to show their gratitude

A beautiful sign of gratitude for the man’s help

Michael adores animals. And he was also happy for the crow family, who considered to live in his garden. These birds built their nest till the summer. The man was pleased to watch the caring parents expand their wings and carry food for their babies.

The man was asleep and woke up by the crows’ noises, but he wasn’t nervous. But one day he noticed, that the birds noises had changed. And when he went out of the house he discovered two small crown in his yard. And Michael took the babies to their nest.

And later he found out, that the babies were touched by his kindness. Nothing unusual happened when he went out to feed the birds. But Michael found something unusual in the same place, where he had previously tossed food: there were pull tabs attached to pine twigs.

The man was amazed, as he always sweeps the hard and never leaves trash there. He fed the birds and went to the house, but the next day the same thing happened again. Another branch was attached to the one from yesterday. And at that moment he understood they were presents.

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