The friendship between two distinct creatures, who enjoyed having adventures together

Sweet creatures, that enjoy finding new locations 

The most recent unusual duo on Instagram is Caesar and Roma. Caesar is a happy puppy, while Roma moans like a kitty. The sweet companions like each other and enjoy having adventures together.

Their owner named Liu told:«Roma seems whimsy, but in reality he is the happiest kitty I have ever noticed. He allows people pet him and gives sweet cuddles». The owner considered to adopt a kitty, but was afraid for Caesar’s reaction.

At first Caesar and Roma didn’t notice each other, but after all their interest won. After almost one and a half months the due absolutely befriended.

Their owner is a popular photographer, who takes them on walks finding new locations every day.

Liu also publishes photos on their Instagram account. The followers adored the duo’s distinctive features. Caesar and Roma also enjoyed snuggling up on the couch if they are at home.

Liu told about her sweet pets: «I enjoy finding them together every day and can’t suppose my life without them.»

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