«Miss Universe in everyday life»: No one could take their eyes off R’Bonney Gabriel’s natural beauty without plastic surgeries

You’ll be surprised to see how Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel looks in real life

The well-deserved winner of the Miss Universe contest became the representative of the USA, R’Bonney Gabriel, who even surpassed the Russian and Ukrainian girls with her indescribable beauty, femininity and perfect body shape.

Whereas the network users were interested in how the Miss Universe actually looks in everyday life without any preparedness. And here is the charming girl.

«What an angelically beautiful girl in front of us», «Entirely natural beauty without any surgeries and fillers», «Of course a well-deserved victory».

«Perfection is you», «Our Ukrainian girl was much prettier, for sure!», «You can’t even stand next to our representatives».

Do you think she is the well-deserved winner?

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