Although the owners left their dog in danger and ran away, he remained loyal to them to the end

The dog proved that he was a true Hachiko!

Many Americans suffered from the fires in California. Some of them even had to leave their pets in danger trying to save only themselves.

Madison was such an unlucky dog, who was left by his owners when their house caught fire. The humans managed to get out of the house insuring only themselves. They left their pet in danger without thinking about the consequences.

But the loving animal remained loyal to his home to the end. He stayed there and guarded his area during the owners’ absence.

His human mother was so worried about her dog, so she tried to find some information about him.

She was heartbroken to think that her pet might not be alive. So she decided to return to search for Madison and she was so touched to meet him there.

Madison wouldn’t be alive if a kind woman named Sheila Sullivan didn’t save him. She gave him food and drink, but when tried to take him home, the smart animal refused to come with her. He was the only guardian of his house and must watch over the area until his owners would come back.

Fortunately, the brave dog and his owners were reunited again and continued to live happily.

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