A sweet kitty, that serves as a reminder, that we are perfect in our ways

An adorable kitty, who considers himself like others no matter many hardships 

A small kitty with bear ears and shaking front legs came to the shelter to find a perfect home. And there the volunteers named Melania and her husband considered to assist the sweet kitty, that they named Kiwi, who immediately linked with her new owners.

Kiwi started physical therapy many times a day to train his legs. And also the volunteers told, that his hands are massaged and stretched to assist repair developing joints.

Kiwi still considers himself just like others and is really bold after all these hardships.

Melania and her husband looked after their senior cat named Cherry from the time he was a kitty. Cherry quickly linked to the young girl as a good big brother, kept her tidy and continually serving to his needs.

The kitty proves us once more, that we are perfect in our ways.

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