A pregnant squirrel appeared at the family’s house entrance waiting to be seen

A squirrel, that was saved by the caring family and still often visits them 

The squirrel had been banging on the family’s door for almost eight years when they finally understood she wanted to demonstrate something to them. And we know there are many cases of animal and human friendships.

And it regards mot only domesticated, but also wild animals. They didn’t have idea, that they would ever see the squirrel after saving it from the wild many years ago.

But the squirrel has visited them for a treat each year for the past eight years. The baby became linked with the family and stayed with them until her complete recovery. The squirrel named Belia considered to stay next to the house where her saviours lived.

And although eight years have passed she still visits them. She is waiting on the entrance step to be seen. Then she disappeared for some time and came back being already pregnant.

The squirrel stayed with the family for 30 days and everyone was happy to see her and her babies.

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