The unusual appearance of the cat reminds everyone of Yoda and because of this he is quite popular

It looks likes a fictional character!

Here’s the cutest cat ever, who is so famous on social media thanks to his amazing appearance that looks like a fictional character, Yoda from Star Wars. When his photo was shared on social media, he immediately became an Internet sensation.

When the catty first arrived at the shelter, everyone fell in love with him at once. He had many health problems, but the staff described him as very cute and loving. He attracted everyone’s hearts not only with his unique appearance, but also with his wonderful personality.

Although the poor animal had a lot of difficulties, he stayed strong and continued to enjoy his life. Those who want to have a sweet and loving pet at home, this beauty is the best option. He will fill your day with happiness and will make you smile all day.

He is very funny and loves to play with others. Everyone both in real life and on social media is attracted by him.

The cat and many other animals at the shelter are waiting for their forever homes.
We are sure they all will find their loving owners very soon.

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