The kind dog, who helps his owner collect plastic

The dog, who encourages his owner clean up the environment 

A dog named Chimney and his owner Kate Pollak have an excursion in the state of Arizona. They work together to collect plastic. Chimney is Kate’s family member since 2011. And after it Kate took him from the shelter and they started collecting plastic bottles.

Kate told, that when he finds them he snatches them up with his teeth and brings to her. She continually praises Chimney for his work, which helps him do more.

And also the dog helped his owner to save the environment. All these activities they do to assist the world. When Kate posts their work done on the Internet, Chimney is a popular star.

Many people found genius in him. “People can’t help him, but they see him continually taking part in cleanups. Many people exclaim: “Chimney has shown up. Everyone wants to welcome him and see his actions” told Kate.

The dog puts objects in his mouth to clean up the environment. He always motivates me to do a lot of things and clean the environment. He makes this job easier.” told Kate.

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