The breed of a dog, that so much resembles a cuddly toy

A miracle of nature with blue eyes

The pug is a species of dog popular for its charm and amazing beauty. These adorable animals, who come from China are like cuddly toys and cam make good friends. There are many pictures of well known people with their pugs, but this one is absolutely gorgeous.

Three years ago a resident of London saw a curious dog, which had a strawberry ice cream coat. She immediately liked it! She quickly understood it was her preferred cupcake, although more closely it was like a cotton candy. The pink baby now has a very gorgeous life thanks to its owner, which includes regular pictures, dog baths and a lot of clothing.

The sweet pink puppy also has an Instagram account with almost 110000 followers. And he continually posts adorable photos.

It’s usually thought, the Cupcake is an albino, which is absolutely wrong. Just look at his blue eyes, this isn’t possible in albinos. And due to this miracle of nature we can be amazed by this beauty.

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