A curious cat, who went to his neighbours for long bath

Funny friendship, that began from a massage fastened to the collar of a cat

The kitty has been living in their private house with his owner named Alicia for about eight years. Simion appeared in the girl’s life when she rescued him when he was a baby. Simion wasn’t able to sit still. So Alicia allowed her pet to go out.

As Simion became older the owner began to get stressed a lot because he started to travel anywhere he wanted and vanish for some period. Simion came back from such a long travel with a message pinned to his collar.

It was clear, that one of the neighbours wrote it. The letter told, that Simion often went to their house for long baths. The cat came back with the other message, that Alicia considered to answer.

Alicia started chatting with her neighbour by the kitty and it was funny for all of them. And the kitty is also satisfied.

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